Care of the Greens


The first priority of any Bowling Club must be the maintenance of the greens to the highest possible standard and it is to this end that the greenkeeper and the Greens Committee direct all their efforts both during the recess period and throughout the playing season.

Much of the effort can be nullified by lack of co-operation and care by all members.

There are many ways in which wear and damage to the greens can be minimised, members are asked to take note and make every effort to implement the procedures set out below.


Taking short cuts across the green instead of walking around them to get to your rink at the start and end of play, dropping bowls from the bank instead of placing them on the green and excessive movement about the “mat end” of the rink before delivering your bowls are all practices which cause additional compaction of the greens.


Under the revised rules it is only when scrims are being used that the mat must be laid on the 2 meter mark. Skips and threes will greatly assist in preventing excessive wear at the ends of the rinks if they will make sure their leads regularly vary the mat position.


Care should be taken in handling the “scrims” repairs and replacement are costly. The nails can be readily withdrawn by the thumb and forefinger before lifting the material. Particular care must be taken not to leave any nails lying on the greens – they cause a lot of damage to the mowers.


Bowls left lying around on the green during breaks in play can cause burning. Place them on the bank or in the ditch..

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