Conditions of Play

Championship singles                                        21 Shots

Championship Pairs                                           18 Ends

Championship Triples                                         15 Ends

Championship Fours                                           15 Ends

1st Year Singles (Mixed)                   21 Shots

Veteran Singles (Mixed)                                     21 Shots

Junior Singles                                               21 Shots

Handicap Singles (Mixed)                                 18 Ends

Junior Pairs (Mixed)                                        18 Ends

Handicap Pairs (Drawn & Mixed)                           18 Ends


  1. Entrants in all competitions must be full financial members.
  2. All competitions to be played under a two life system unless the match committee state otherwise
  3. All players to wear correct bowling attire as per Bowls NZ laws or Club regulations
  4. All Championships games played in accordance with Bowls NZ Rules and Regulations
  5. All players entering Championship events must be available to play in the Auckland Champion of Champion Event of the discipline or disciplines they won – otherwise do not enter
  6. To eliminate confusion if games can be started before 3.30pm before daylight saving and 4.30pm during daylight savings must be played unless the Match Committee decides to end play for the day.
  7. 1-5 Year Centre Events will be played at the same time as Auckland Champion of Champion events. If a player wins a club championship they must play in the Champion of Champion Event.
  8. Substitutes and replacements must be approved by the Match Committee
  9. All Championships above are played with No Time Limit.
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